Amaira Intimate Skin Lightening Serum

Aging, infections, hormonal changes and medical conditions are just some of the few cause of anal or vaginal discoloration. Besides, the use of G-strings has also been pointed out as one of the causes of anal and vaginal darkening since the material rubs against the skin. If you are a frequent user of G-strings, you will notice darkening of your anal and vaginal areas caused by the burning or laceration of the skin.

Types Of Intimate Skin Lightening

The common types of private area skin bleaching techniques include laser, cryogenic and extreme cold treatments. These methods are very expensive but produce instant results. However, they can be painful, and after undergoing some of the procedures, you may be under local anesthesia for weeks. Besides, they can also cause blistering, irritation or peeling that may result to scars and inconsistent results.


Intimate Skin Lightening Cream


Instead of wasting your money trying out secret area lightening procedures or creams that have not been proven to be efficient and are expensive, why not try Amaira intimate whitening serum at https://www.amairaskincare.com/ and make your journey a lot simpler? This skin lightening serum has been independently and clinically proven to be both efficient and safe.

Safe ingredients

On the opposite, uses safe ingredients such as natural plant extracts that are widely accepted alternatives to using hydroquinone that is harsh to the skin. They lighten discolored or dark skin safely and quickly. Never use a product with dangerous ingredients such as hydroquinone as a skin lightener on any of your intimate parts such as the vagina, anus or nipple.

For sensitive skin

Unfortunately, there are many skin products in the market currently cannot be used on areas with sensitive skin such as private areas. Thankfully, Amaira lightening serum has been specially formulated for these regions. Moreover, our product doesn’t contain perfume of harmful chemicals meaning that it can be used to treat scarring or discoloration in private areas with sensitive skin. Amaira Intimate whitening serum also uses other ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help even out your skin tone efficiently and safely within the shortest time possible.


Amaira intimate lightening cream has been receiving lots of attention and for the good reasons too. Apart from using all natural and safe ingredients, Amaira intimate lightening cream offers its users the privacy they need. The anal, vaginal and testicular areas are not usually disclosed, and people shy away to have someone else work on them because they are sensitive. With this lightening cream, you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing or touching these areas, your reactions and much more. You will lighten your intimate areas with utmost privacy.

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