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Wear Make Up

make ups 2Overview It seems like every day, there is a new skincare or beauty product available on the market. But, while you would love to try them all, where exactly do they fit in your current routine? Does getting a new serum replace the moisturizer you are used to? Should you be using foundation as well as concealer? Applying the right products in the correct procedure can go a long way in aiding you look your absolute best.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to wear make up the correct way:

Step 1: Moisturizing

Ideally, select a moisturizer that already has SPF in it, so that you do not have to apply your sun protection daily after you’ve moisturized. For the purposes of hygiene, use a piece of clean cotton swab to scoop a small amount of the moisturizing cream. Press the cream into your face after warming it up in your hands. Massage the face for about 30 seconds, not forgetting the earlobes tips (earrings make them dry!) and the neck too.

Step 2: Priming

A primer basically prepares you up for makeup success. It not only creates you a beautiful canvas, but also gives longevity for the foundation. Even if you do not use foundation, it’ll help retain the concealer and soften your skin’s appearance. Warm up a nickel-sized amount of primer and proceed to massage it into your face. Cover the entire face with it, bringing it down to your neck to soften your skin’s appearance.

Step 3: Foundation

Every lady should have at least two foundations in her beauty collection: her daily, ��go to’ foundation and something quite unique for optimizing ��photo-op’ moments during special events. Ensure your foundation matches your jaw and neck to avoid ending up with a darker body and lighter head or vice versa. Don’t do the ��dot-dot-dot’ and start blending because by the time you get to the final dot, it is a little dry hence difficult to blend. Instead, use a sponge or your fingers to blend it in after warming it up on your hand. Finally, use the dry side of your sponge to buff the foundation into your face.make ups

Step 4: Concealer

Some ladies head straight to concealer and skip foundation. Others don’t even think about concealer when they have foundation. Nonetheless, no matter what you’ve used before, the concealer covers dark circles, blemishes and broken capillaries. However, you need to target your concealer as opposed to spreading it if your inner eye is dark. And, in this case, less is always more. Make a point of testing the shade of your concealer first on your chin, before applying it on the entire face.