Holiday Hairstyles for Career Women

Just like any other woman, the holidays demand so much from a career woman. She has to organize trips, buy presents, prepare meals, and ultimately, she has to look trendy and fashionable. Other than choosing fashionable dresses, choosidsfdawbFDng a flattering hairstyle is usually the biggest challenge a career woman is forced to deal with during the holidays.

So, how can a career woman cope with all the family reunions, parties, and other social functions that come with the holidays and still manager to look her very best? You can ask for expert advice to avoid making the wrong decisions. Below is a compilation of some of the best holiday hairstyles for career women:

Holiday Hairstyles for Career Women- In their 20s

As usual, women in their late teens and twenties can easily get away with any hairstyle. Here are a few examples:

The evening Ponytail

Most career women prefer neat and sophisticated hairstyles and the evening ponytail is a good example of a hairstyle that will suit any career woman below thirty. For a younger look, a few strands of twirled hair can be left to hang loose in the front.

The Twist

This one is also among the various holiday hairstyles for career women that would suit women in their twenties. For a semi-formal occasion, a small twist tied over the ear line would be ideal. To modernize the twist, one can accessorize it with a shiny hair accent.

Twirly Curls/Pretty Spirals

This one is for a career woman who would not mind the Barbie look for the holidays. Curlers or foam wrap products can be used to set the curls/spirals, which can be finished off with a shine spray.

Holiday Hairstyles for Career women-30+

Hair accessories

Headbands, dazzling hair clips, barrettes, and other shiny or sparkly hair accessories should work best to add some glam for career women with short hair.

Hair color and shine

Clear highlights and some shine are both ideal for career women with either long or short hair during the holiday season. Color and shine can either be done by a professional or personally using a home treatment kit.


sdcADVASoft waves are also ideal for power women who wishes to achieve a feminine but elegant look for the holidays. Soft waves can be achieved by applying some setting lotion to dry hair right before using a curling iron.

Choosing holiday hairstyles for career women should be difficult. All that is required of them is to play with hair accessories, experiment with color treatments or simply add some shine.

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