Understanding Eyebrows Embroidery

It has been a decade now since eyebrow embroidery method gained entry in Singapore. The trend is slowly gaining momentum in the beauty and fashion field in all other parts of the world. Eyebrow embroidery can be done in a 3-D version which is famous for giving bold and stunningly beautiful brows. This will catch the attention of everyone wherever you go. However, many people still do not understand or even know what this technology entails. So, it is crucial to highlight some useful points as below.

What to understand about eyebrows embroidery

What is an eyebrow embroidery technique

The technique is also popularly known assdgdgdfgdfgd cosmetic tattooing or micro banding since it involves implanting color underneath the skin where eyebrows grow. The effect is meant to give the normal eyebrows a bold 3-D effect.

What most people do not understand is that the experts keep most of the client’s natural brows as possible. Thin disposable needles are used for hygiene and health purposes.

Preparation for eyebrow embroidery

The first step would be to book a good salon with the necessary experts who will not disappoint. It can be researched online or through a referral from a friend or family member. Experts recommend that the skin should be left as natural as possible before the appointment. Hence, the client will need to avoid make ups, sun scorches, eat a well balanced diet and take enough fluids to have healthy skin.

The procedure does not involve shaving the brows and therefore tweezing, or waxing can be done at least a week before the appointment with the embroidery expert.

Deciding on the shape

dsgdfgdfgdfgfdgSome experts say that this is one of the most important points in the process. The results of this procedure cannot be changed after a week or a month and therefore deciding on your favorite eyebrow shape is very crucial.

It takes an average of two years which if you ask me, is a long time to have an eyebrow shape you are not comfortable with. The artist can advise on a good shape for different faces for people who find it hard to decide.

Does it hurt?

Well, if someone is used to tweezing, then eyebrow embroidery is not a big deal. The artist will use some numbing creams to ensure the prickling needles do not hurt. The procedure takes a couple of hours, but this greatly depends on the speed of the artist. Therefore, all you need is patience to achieve the intended beauty.

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